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Animal Safari & Lion Walk

Only £90pp

Only €80pp

Day Trip

Trip to Fathala Wildlife Reserve with Optional Lion Walk Experience
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Creek Fishing

Only £60pp

Only €50pp

Day Trip

Trip to Denton Bridge for a whole day of fishing in the River Gambia
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4 trips in 1 Day

Only £50pp

Only €40pp

Day Trip

Kachikally Crocodile Pool, Serrekunda Market, Paradise Beach & Tanji Fishing village.
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Gambian Home Cooking

Only £40pp

Only €30pp

Day Trip

Get acquainted with the unique flavours and ingredients of Gambian cuisine on this culinary adventure.
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Only £80pp

Only €70pp

2 Day Tour

Let's go upriver into the heart of Gambia to a town called Janjanbureh (formerly known as Georgetown)
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Local School Visit

Only £20pp

Only €15pp

Day Trip

Resources are short but learning thrives and behaviour is exemplary!
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The Roots Heritage Tour

Only £50

Only €40

Day Tour

A truly thought provoking trip not to be missed.
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Local Family Visit

Only £30

Only €20

Half a Day

What better way to sample some of the every day Gambian life than visiting the family home of a local family.
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Airport Transfers

Only £20

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Personal Driver Services

Allow Pa to arrange your personal transfers
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Animal Safari with Optional Lion Walk

After an early morning hotel pick-up, we drive to Banjul and board the ferry across The River Gambia to the bustling north bank at Barra. The ferry trip will be a memorable experience in itself!
We then drive by road, through traditional villages typical of The Gambia, before arriving at Fathala Wildlife Reserve. Fathala is situated 5km from the Gambian border on the National Road in Senegal. The reserve is an area that consists of approximately 6000 hectares of original and protected forest, providing guests with the opportunity to visit an original stretch of the African wilderness in it’s original condition.

Animals that you can expect to see at Fathala Reserve include: white rhino, zebras, giraffe, buffalo, waterbuck, roan, lord derby eland, warthog, bushbuck, monkeys, crocodiles numerous birds and reptile species.

In addition to these animals Fathala is home to the Lion Walk, a once in a lifetime experience as you walk through the African bush with the king of the jungle, Africa’s most majestic predator. Take the opportunity to interact with our young lions and accompany them on foot through their natural habitat. An unparalleled experience that offers insight into the behaviour of this species.


Creek Fishing

Whether your are an enthusiastic beginner or Angling expert, the opportunity to fish in Gambia must not be missed…

Leaving from your hotel in the morning with Pa Tours, we’ll take the short drive to Denton Bridge which is situated at the mouth of Oyster Creek for a complete day of fishing on the Gambia River. Departing from Denton Bridge in a local style fishing boat and whilst sailing through the mangrove lined creeks, the captain will locate a good spot for you to try your luck.

Pa is sure you will catch fish as these waters are very rich in fish. Of Gambia’s many species of fish, most of them inhabit the creeks. The most common species include Catfish, Sunpats, Jellynose, and Ladyfish, Red Snapper, Moray eels and Butterfish. Best of all, you can keep all of the fish you catch!
Before we head to back to the hotel we’ll stop for a meal in a popular restaurant

The Roots Heritage Tour

A truly thought provoking trip not to be missed.
Pa-Tours will collect you from your hotel in the morning. We’ll drive to Banjul where we’ll cross the River Gambia on the Banjul to Barra ferry. The ferry journey in itself is an experience not to be missed as you witness the hustle and bustle of everyday Gambian life. After a short drive up river we’ll arrive at the village of Jufureh, the village featured in Alex Haley’s book ‘Roots’. Haley claimed his book was based on a real-life man called Kunta Kinteh who was captured into slavery. 

You’ll get the opportunity to look around the slavery museum with its many historical artefacts such as chain neck-locks, foot-locks and yokes, as well as a many other historical testaments to the diabolical trade. You’ll also see the freedom pole which was a feature of freedom that marked the end of slavery and slave trade in the Gambia after the abolition in 1807 by Britain. 

We’ll then take a boat ride to Kunta Kinte Island, once known as James Island, a holding ground for captured Africans before they were shipped to the Americas and used as slaves. Here you can see the remains of the buildings housing the Africans and their captors.
We’ll make our way back to Barra terminal were we will stop and enjoy a meal in a restaurant before joining the ferry to go back to Banjul where our driver will be waiting to take us back to the hotel .

4 Trips in 1 Day

Pa tours will pick you up from your hotel in the morning. We will start our day at the famous Kachikally Crocodile Pool where you’ll get up close and personal with these impressive animals. Local legend says that by bathing in the water from the pond women will be blessed with fertility. If successful, parents tend to name their children after the pond, so if you meet anyone called Kachikally you know they paid a visit here!

We’ll then head to the Serrekunda market where you can admire a huge array of traditional crafts including African Batik Fabrics, Jewellery and Fabric and other locally produced items. A maze of stalls, workshops and eating places occupy the market building. There’s also a large outdoor produce section, where women sell seasonal vegetables from stalls or enamel bowls and heaps laid out on the ground.

After the market get ready to swim and refresh or relax on free sun beds on the white sands of Paradise Beach followed up with lunch at Jungle Beach Resort.

We’ll round up the trip at the Tanji fishing village, one of Gambia’s most colourful, exciting and interesting places to visit with views of the fish being unloaded from the colourful boats and being sorted in size, placed on lorries for export, laid out to dry or smoked for local use.

Gambian Home Cooking

Get acquainted with the unique flavours and ingredients of Gambian cuisine on this culinary adventure.

Meet Pa Tours in the morning and set off for a market visit for some bargaining lessons amongst the colourful produce. Take the time to learn a little about bargaining, as well as the various uses of spices and other key ingredients in local and national cuisines. With markets playing an integral part in modern African life, be sure to soak it all in, wander the market aisles and discover what’s on offer.

After the market visit, meet up with an experienced local home cook to learn how to prepare a delicious, traditional Gambian feast such as Domoda, Gambia’s national dish! With a variety of tribes all coexisting within the country, there are many different influences present in the cuisine of Gambia, so this experience promises to be both informative and supremely tasty.
Head back to the hotel with Pa Tours with a full stomach and a range of new cooking skills ready to use in your own kitchen back home


This is a two day tour where Pa tours will take you upriver into the heart of Gambia to a town called Janjanbureh (formerly known as Georgetown). The trip will give you an insight into how people in the Gambian countryside live and offers a relaxed way of meeting and seeing the people in the interior of the Gambia. The journey begins from your hotel, crossing by ferry from Banjul to Barra on the north bank of the Gambia River. From here, it is 3 to 4 hours driving time to Janjanbureh. We’ll go to straight to our guesthouse so you can relax after the journey and enjoy some lunch at a local popular restaurant. After lunch a boat is arranged to take us Hippo spotting in the river Gambia. You’ll also get great opportunities to see crocodiles, chimpanzees and monkeys along the river banks. And for the budding bird watchers, this area is particularly rich in bird species.
We’ll then head back for a much welcomed dinner and some fantastic entertainment laid on by local entertainers, musicians and dancers before going to bed.

In the morning after breakfast Pa Tours will take you on a tour of the town where you can see the old colonial architecture. There are a few historic buildings in the town that tell of the settlement’s colonial past. Along the way, we will visit the ancient Wassu Stone Circles, a heritage site believed to be burial mounds of kings and chiefs in ancient times. Local legend has it that there is a curse on anyone who disturbs those laid to rest there! On our way back to the hotel we’ll stop for a delicious lunch. We’ll also get the opportunity to stop at local villages and see the local people going about their daily business such as fetching water from wells and women pounding such things as maize and rice.

Visit to Local School

A visit to a local school is a must whilst you’re in The Gambia. Come and let the wonderful teachers introduce you to the children in their classrooms. The children are always keen to show off their newly learnt language skills and treat you to the most endearing performances.

You’ll see, that despite a huge lack of resources learning still thrives and behaviour is exemplary.

If you wish to donate school supplies this is the perfect trip for you. Any donations are well utilised and very much appreciated. This of course is optional.

Visit to Local Family Home

The Gambian people are some of the most welcoming people in the world. What better way to sample some of the every day Gambian life than visiting the family home of a local family.

Come and sit and eat with the family perhaps a local Gambian dish such as Benachin (rice and vegetables) or Domoda, (meat, stewed in groundnut puree and served with rice)

Come and talk to the family members. Find out how families here are structured and how they live in compounds ( a cluster of buildings in an enclosure)


Personal Airports Transfers

You have just completed your exciting flight and navigated your way through customs and immigration in the beautiful Gambia! You want to get to your place of stay and start your holiday straight away…

Pa Tours will be happy to collect you from the airport allowing you to start your holiday immediately instead of waiting for the multi stop bus transfer. Pa Tours will greet you at the airport with a friendly smile and take you straight to your hotel.

Pa Tours will also be available to you when you leave the smiling coast, offering you a friendly and efficient journey back to the airport and of course hoping you’ll return again soon…


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